Top Spots for Abilene ISD’s Honor Roll


14404122989_01acfbe97d_hMaking the honor roll as a student is a lot like getting employee of the month as an adult. It means you worked hard, pushed through adversity, and came out on top. It’s a sign of perseverance, dedication, and good work ethic. What better way to celebrate your school’s best students than by recognizing this incredible hard work?

At Abilene ISD, the students who pushed through and met this feat for the next to last six weeks are numerous. At this time of year, making honor roll is especially hard. Not only are there events going on everywhere – track, softball, baseball, tennis, golf, FFA, and more! – but this is the time of year when real fatigue and a bit of apathy tends to run rampant.

For these students, nothing was going to stand in the way of academic success. Take a look at the list of students here, and help celebrate their achievements! Congratulations to all of the students, and make this last six weeks count!

Image Credit:  Scroll by Jun. Used under a creative common license.