Little Elm High School’s Teen Composer Wins Big


8754972328_f639eb38f8_zA 16 year old student at Little Elm High School recently captured an incredible prize. After entering a competition for composers in late November, Harrison Collins wrote and recorded the first place piece. The piece, called “Ecstatic Noise,” was completely original, included eight instruments, and was approximately four minutes long.

The competition, which will award Mr. Collins with a cash sum, a meeting with an SHSU faculty member, and a feature in the college’s festival in April, was not a typical UIL event. Proving his dedication and skill, Harrison entered the competition of his own accord. Though he is a member of the Little Elm High School Band, his composition skills are from hard work, personal study, and a genuine love of making music.

Congratulations to Mr. Collins on an incredible feat!

Read the original cover of this story in the Little Elm Journal.

Photo Credit: Musical Notes by eltpics and musical notes by Mr. Thinktank. Used under a creative common license.